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Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog.  I am new to this form and hope to be able to make this interesting and thought-provoking while expressing my thoughts on a variety of subjects near and dear to my heart.  I will touch upon politics and faith issues as well as some environmental concerns.  I also plan to discuss some of the activities that bring me peace or inspiration.  Some of the subjects that could find their way into this journal will be woodcarving, hiking, camping, fishing, antique shopping, landscaping, woodworking, fitness, nutrition, my Trailblazers, and anything else that may seem relevant as I ponder my day.  I hope that you will feel welcome to comment on my views and to disagree with me, but I would ask that our discussions would be between friends and that we can avoid the nastiness that seems to permeate our public discourse these days.  I would ask you to hold me to these standards and challenge me if I rant a bit too strongly.  I hope to write here at least once a week, and I suspect that I will find myself enjoying the outlet so much that I will post more often as I settle into the routine.  Any suggestions to improve my posts will be appreciated. 

Speaking of my Portland Trailblazers, I just watched them lose another close game down the stretch after carrying a lead for much of the second half.  It hurts, but I’m seeing a team that should have succumbed to the myriad of injuries that have assaulted them this season and instead see a deep team whose last half of the bench has stepped up and shown that they certainly belong on an NBA court.  While the talk show mouths cry doom and gloom and clamor for a trade to salvage the season, I think that most fans are sitting back, enjoying the effort and gritty play, and salivating about the possibilities of the end of the year and the beginning of next when we bring back several huge pieces of our team to add to a confident group of reserves who know and have proven that they can play with the best teams in the league.  I just fear a knee-jerk reaction that will send away some of our emerging young talent for a quick fix to salvage something that fate has already put beyond our reach this season.  Let’s just chill, enjoy the inspired play, wait for our big guns to return, and then hang on.  The rest of the league will be eating our dust!!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Ron,

    I know this takes time to get going. But your efforts should be commended. Proud of you for laying yourself out here like this. You appear to be very similar with your thoughts as to how I think. Especially regarding our beloved Blazers. Keep up the good work.

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