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What they need is a swift kicker!

I sat down with the intention of whipping out a quick blog entry. Something about my dogs, I thought, that may lead into a discourse on some of the ills of our modern society. So, nothing comes to me. And here I sit, writing in hopes that the words may somehow form themselves magically into something that I, or anyone else, might want to read.

They just got the first voter approved tax increase in recent history and now they want to go after the kicker. I have consistently stated that I would gladly give up my kicker in the face of a real fiscal emergency, but not for these manufactured shortages. Why do our legislators think that they have to spend every cent that they take in year after year, and then expect us to pick up the slack when they estimate wrong and can’t afford everything on their wish list. Rather than cut out those little pet projects that they love so much, they know that if they threaten the weakest and most vulnerable among us and then lay the blame at the feet of those who have been paying their expensive piper all these years the public will buckle ad give them their money. Why don’t they spend only ninety or ninety five percent of what they think they will have and put what is left over into that rainy day fund and in a couple of good years we should have enough in reserve to protect our children, our elderly, and our education without any fear of interruption. There may be fewer dollars to go to out of state companies for iffy projects, but in tight times we all have to make some sacrifices. With the new tax on gross earnings the unions should owe enough to keep the schools running without any other help. Leave the kicker alone until they learn how to manage the money that they already get. What part of “When you make less you spend less” do our legislators not understand. We just want to be able to trust the decision making skills of those that represent us.

The Blazers just beat Charlotte tonight and finally gave us a game that let us exhale before the last few seconds were over. Two in a row. I can’t believe that all the radio and TV mouths are still trying to find what is wrong with our team. ARE YOU KIDDING!!! Are you not watching? They are doing an excellent job showing why we are considered to have one of the deepest benches in the league. As our injured players return they have enhanced excellent play of the end of our bench, including a couple of rookies that are showing the toughness and grit that this team has been lacking. Throw out all the trade talk, although the heads on the tube and radio will have to continue to manufacture crises to fill their air time, and enjoy the maturation of this group of talented players into a team that is not only fun to watch, but highly efficient when they get a couple of the guns firing at once. A lot of teams would love to play the way the Blazers are playing right now, and we are still missing four of our most productive components. The only thing about this team that frightens me is a knee-jerk, salvage the season trade that can only hurt us in the near future. Any one of the players that would have to go in a trade to bring in anyone useful would kill us anytime we faced them, and any team that we would trade with right now would be laughing as they put the boot to our butt. Stand pat. We’ll make it to the second round and maybe farther the way we are constructed right now.


One thought on “What they need is a swift kicker!

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