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Blazer Shocker

I’m in shock. I am mourning the trade of two of our beloved Blazer family. Aside from the folowers of Chad and Gavin over at the morning show on AM 95.5, I think that they leave as two of the most liked and popular players on the team. As a matter of fact, could we trade the whole morning team from that station for Camby and keep Blake and Outlaw? Oh yeah, you have to match contracts. Trade them for a lazy-boy, I don’t care. Just get them off our radios. Travis, especially, has a special place in the hearts of fans. We’ve watched him grow up. We met his family and loved them too. We marveled at his knack for hitting the big shot, and thrilled at his unbridled athleticism. We’ll miss him.
That said, I think that this is a very good trade for us. Marcus Camby brings a strong defensive presence and can be the same sort of stabilizing force that Juwan Howard has proven to be for us. He brings us experience and confidence and a proven ability to clean up the boards like few in the league and rebounds and patrols the middle with authority. He is just what we have been missing since Greg and Joel went down. He doesn’t require a lot of shots but is capable of scoring if he needs to. He is a great addition to our team and could even be someone that they will keep beyond this season. K.P. Adds another impressive piece to the puzzle. Go Blazers.


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