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Let’s All Just Relax.

I think that if people would spend more time in prayer and contemplation or meditation and if more people had a hands-on, skill-based leisure pastime, a lot of the incivility, hostility, and pent-up frustration that divide and disrupt us would disappear. Just a few minutes of walking or sitting in a natural setting can be life changing when indulged on a regular basis. The opportunity for reflection and self-contemplation can lead to astounding epiphanies and new ideas that can open doors never imagined.

Our society constantly tries to get us to separate our spirituality from our public lives, when our faith and core beliefs, whatever they may be, are the very foundation of our ability to live in a structured and cooperative social structure. How do we banish from society that which forms the very basis for that society? Trying to conduct my life without my blueprint of right and wrong is one of the most illogical and just plain wrongheaded ideas that I have heard in more than half a century of living. I can’t promote what is good and right because it might offend someone who likes to do things that they shouldn’t? Don’t reject what is right because you don’t like who is right.  Our forefathers intended for us to accommodate all faiths with equal acceptance, not to treat them with universal exclusion.  It just astounds me to think about the myriad ways in which our constitution and founding ideas have been twisted and contorted to support a societal system unrecognizable from the one intended by those that created this great country.  If we lose our ability to share our faith we will become a nation without a conscience, a country without a soul.  Where will the world put its confidence if we lose our way?  We should get back to doing what is right rather than what is expedient.


One thought on “Let’s All Just Relax.

  1. Wow! A powerful message. I agree. As Ryan Dobson said . . . “Be intolerant – because some things are just plain stupid!”

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