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Let Me Know

I want to thank you all for reading my posts.  I hope that the subjects are interesting and my writing is acceptable and I would welcome any suggestions regarding any aspect of the blog.  Feel free to comment.  Am I too long-winded?  Do I need more fact and less opinion?  How often should I post.  I would love for this to be more of a conversation than a monologue.  One of the reasons for this blog is to facilitate my growth as a writer and I need your help to accomplish this.   Thanks again for reading


One thought on “Let Me Know

  1. Nice post. I like that you’ve stated to your readers that you’d like the posts to be more conversational. So what? Well, you loving, but somewhat annoying wife suggests that you intersperse questions among your paragraphs. Perhaps experiment by ending in a thought provoking question that will encourage a response from your readers.

    I love you. You’re doing GREAT!

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