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Tyrant Paper

Oh, tyrant paper

You mock my inability

In wasted hours spent

In futile acts of penmanship.

Oh cruel master

You use my dedication

With countless pages sent

In wrinkled disgrace to burn.

Oh timid muse

Just beyond my scope of execution

You laughingly hide

Lure me into futile industry.

Oh wondrous joy

When dedication and motivation

Team at last with inspiration

Composing a riveting alliteration.

By Ron Buedefeldt         Apr 12, 2009          

© 2009 Ron Buedefeldt


4 thoughts on “Tyrant Paper

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear that it spoke of those feelings in a recognizable way. What I enjoy most about writing poetry is the way that you can play with the words while still conveying an emotion or feeling. Do you write poetry?

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