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Let’s Get To The Root Of It

I just was reading a passage from The Song Of Solomon and an accompanying essay which got me to thinking about relationships and marriage; about how the relationships within our families are at the root or our societal structure. When there are root problems that are affecting our society at large and if we are seriously in search of a solution any gardener can tell you that you need to focus on systemic change in the way that we are affecting our perceptions and expectations in our familial relationships. We should take a clear and open-minded look at what the problems plaguing current family relationships and then chart the rise of these problems and then chart the corresponding time period in terms of the changes in attitudes and expectations that have coincided with the rise of these impediments to harmony and then look at what external forces have enacted these changes in perception. What are we doing to our ability to live in contentment with another human being and how do we reverse the damage?

We need to ask pointed questions to directly address some things that have been going on in the name of personal gratification that are tearing families apart, even if the questions offend some or hurt a few feelings. We need to learn once more, as a society, that just because you are allowed to do something does not necessarily mean that you should do that.

We need to be able to address and fill the needs of the individual who deviates from a broad societal norm without having to make a sweeping systemic overhaul harming society as a whole to fulfill individual preferences.

Each of us could take a pledge to stop looking for things to be unhappy about and set about fixing some of the many dilemmas that sit in our lap. Does anyone really think that this social micromanagement of our lives is really working?

I just think that we shouldn’t be so willing to cast off the lessons of the past in order to race headlong into the future.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Get To The Root Of It

    1. Thank you, Zarema. I think that if more of us would take the time to talk to each other we might find that a lot of the things that we yell at each other over would simply go away. It’s a lot easier to work things out with a friend. Take care, and thanks again.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am not sure about the lack of clarity. Perhaps I need to develop an idea a little more before I put it out there for public consumtion. I was simply pondering the degradation of our society’s values as our families are pulled further away from the nuclear unit that they are meant to be. The support traditionally given by family members to each other are the model that members of a society should use to support and encourage each other, with an eye for the common good while protecting the individuality of each.

    2. @gualetar It does not lack clarity, what it is is that, from your perspective of the reader your mind is set to “One Mode” of reading, if you were to read it as the writer reads it you would understand it, or even read it with the outlook of “this is going to be interesting” instead of “This is boring” or other downed attitudes.

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