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Blazing The Wrong Trail?


Is anyone else getting a little worried about the future of the trailblazers? I don’t mean years down he road, I mean maybe next year. Or this summer. I felt the first stirrings of unease upon learning that Paul Allen was fighting cancer and seeing him looking frail and tired at the games.

Where would our team be without Paul’s benevolent love of the Blazers and the his enthusiasm for the entire NBA experience? Paul Allen took a while to adapt to the Portland style, but he has come to personify Rip City with his dedication to the resurgence of the character as well as the fortunes of the team.

Then, just two days ago, came the firing of Tom Penn, close associate of our golden boy, KP, and a rising star in his own right. It sounds like the suits at Vulcan are getting back into Paul’s ear and are being allowed to tamper once more in things of which they have just enough knowledge to be dangerous without adding anything of value into the equation. It seems that after Penn turned down the Minnesota job a year ago for a raise and promotion with the Blazers, the Timberwolves hired David Kahn and, as NBA execs are wont to do in order to save face, said that he was their first choice. The geniuses over at Vulcan heard this and took it seriously and apparently convinced Allen that Penn had played them with a nonexistent job offer.

Now I am hearing that Paul and the Vulcans are upset with KP for choosing Oden over Durant. As if every other GM in the league would not have made the same choice given the opportunity. KP has only one year left on his contract. If the Vulcans chase him off, he will come back to bite us.

If the business geeks are going to be running our basketball team again our little run of fan friendly sports teams in Portland is probably coming to an end. Will Rip City survive another dearth of character on our team? I’m not so sure.

I’m getting worried. Anyone remember the jail-blazers? Or Seattle?


One thought on “Blazing The Wrong Trail?

  1. Wow! I hadn’t recognized what may be lurking around the corner for the future of our team until reading your thoughts. Well done and thank you for bring this to our attention.

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