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Words Or Story?


To all writers out there I pose the question about the balance in your writing between the story and the words that you use to tell that story. Is one more important, or more of a conscious effort, than the other? To what degree? It is kind of like asking a photographer which is more important, the subject or the presentation. It is all a matter of preference and perception.

I enjoy playing with the words in my poetry, but it is vital that the poem in the end result tells a story or displays an emotion. Hopefully both. But it is also important that the words themselves have fun. In my stories I will explore the words that I use and search for words more nuanced for the situation. But the words cannot be there just for themselves. If I change a word or use a new one it must add something significant as opposed to its absence. Otherwise it would be just words.

The best thing about being a writer,for me, is the intimate relationship that you develop with language and communication, the basic building blocks of a functioning society.

So what’s your story?


2 thoughts on “Words Or Story?

  1. Wow that is great dad, onething tho that caught my eye was the word “nuanced”. what is that word and what does it meen?

    1. Thanks for your response, Laurie. Nuance is a slight variation in something, so nuanced would mean that the subject is subtly changed by the words used to describe it.

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