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Time For A Change

I want to focus my attention to casting off my selfish nature. Though I like to consider myself a generous and giving person the truth of the matter is that I still harbor a part of me that is demanding and self-serving and it is time to shed the part of me that encourages me to save plenty for myself even though there is a greater need elsewhere; the part that blindly demands a fair share. My fair share, when you get down to it, is nothing at all. If you balance out the negatives and the positives in my life, I likely have much more than I deserve. If I can just wrap my arms around that concept, I could begin to appreciate what I have as the gifts that they are and stop taking them for granted. I would then be able to realize the bounty that I have, quit hungering for more, and begin sharing without a sense of loss or the desire to hold on to something that could fill a critical need elsewhere.

I know, it all sounds good, but how can I go against my own nature? Work at it, I guess. It is worth the effort, and any progress will be a success and an encouragement. It is sometimes tough to give sacrificially, but after you have, well, we all know how that feels.


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