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Faith And Life

I just finished reading Isiah chapter 44.  What a powerful look into the nature of The Creator.  Just to hear God describing His awesome nature is at once humbling and inspiring.  To have a Lord, architect  of the universe, who would, out of all His creation, make us his first priority, our welfare his largest concern, is simply as exciting and confidence inspiring as anything ever written.

My wish is that more people in this impossibly complex and intimidating time in which we are living could reconcile their faith with the rest of their lives in the seamless and inseparable fashion in which they were designed to function.  This could go a long way toward solving some of the social and environmental dilemmas that we are facing today.  Too often we pit ourselves against our own values and judgement because we have lost the distinction between “needs” and “wants” to such a degree that we now view many of our “wants” as rights.  We have shortened the iconic “right to the pursuit of happiness and morphed it into “the right to happiness.


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