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Where Are You?

Hey guys, I know you’re out there. It tells me on my stats page that you’ve been visiting. So why aren’t you saying anything? I know that you couldn’t be agreeing with everything that I’ve been saying, but how can I know unless you tell me? I’ve said before that my opinions are constantly being revised and redirected as new information comes to my attention and as my experiences expose the faults in my earlier lines of reasoning, but how will I know when I’m wrong if you don’t enlighten me? I enjoy being able to put my thoughts out there, but I intended this blog to be a conversation where we can have the civilized debate that seems to be missing in our contentious political environment.

I would also love to have some input that will help me to become a stronger and more effective writer. Feel free to critique, suggest, or even agree if you care to. I don’t want to just listen to myself all the time.


3 thoughts on “Where Are You?

  1. Hey,

    I feel the same sometimes,that people rarely comment on my blog,that’s ok though 🙂

    I really want to put my self out there and meet people and get to know each other,I see your a writer and so am I so I thought we could share experinces and stuff 😉

    If you want to talk Email me at

    I’ll be happy to chat!

  2. ok, I know where you are coming from, but a couple of words, caught my eyes. I a not along in my years like you are, but what is….Critique and contentious…Those are confusing to me. If ya can, let me know when possible what those words are…

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