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Bottle Bill

I just drank a PowerAde from a plastic bottle, and noticed that CA, HI, and ME had a 5 cent deposit. Oregon was a pioneer at a time when recycling was hardly a priority with its landmark 1971 bottle bill. In 2007 the bill was revised, adding water bottles to the carbonated soda and beer cans and bottles. This bill originally reduced this kind of litter from 40% to 6 % along our highways and parks and public areas. Why, then, do we see other states surpassing our effort in recycling in 2010? Plastic never goes away. If store owners and beverage manufacturers are going to be selling their products in containers that will not break down in the natural environment then they should be willing to deal with the detritus from their operations in a responsible manner.

Special interest lobbies caused the 2007 revision to fall far short of protecting our environment from a large segment of this plastic onslaught on our environment. If you make a mess you should be willing to clean it up. Didn’t we all learn that from our mothers at a very young age? When will we learn that it applies to us as adults as well?

Even the bottles and cans along the highway are collected by those who find themselves homeless or destitute.  Those that have a deposit.  Why not put a deposit on all bottles and cans?  There is a lot of expense involved for those creating the problem, but if they had incrementally preparing, seeing that this is the wave of the future, the expense could have been spread over the 39 years since the bottle bill was introduced.

It just seems ridiculous that we would only require deposits upon some of the problems and expect the rest to just go away. I think that this is just another example of our political process being hijacked by the few to the consternation and expense of the many.


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