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Wants vs Needs

It seems that we spend so much time, effort, and money on supplying the myriad “wants” of perfectly capable and healthy people in Oregon that we are forced to put cost before the “needs” of our most vulnerable and  disadvantaged citizens.  What a backward way of thinking.  How did we come to this point, from the proud, independent, pioneer spirit that made this a state apart in a nation of conformity?  I can do it myself has morphed into I need this done for me now.  Our schools, elderly services, and mental health services are constantly held at the forefront of budget cuts to scare the voters into new taxes and diversion of funds while millions of tax credit dollars are funneled to out-of-state companies who can’t find Oregon on a map.  Government leaders in Oregon have been on a cushy ride as they wield the bottomless pockets of the public employee and teachers unions to out lie the opposition as our politics spiral farther and farther into the toilet, dragging most of our public discourse with it.  Try going to a bank and asking them for more money because you can’t bring yourself to stop spending more than you make.  Why do we keep allowing them to fulfill their fantasies while we see our hopes and dreams fade?  When has more money ever solved a money problem.  Knowledge and wisdom are the only way to solve a money problem, because with wisdom comes constraint.  Without constraint, things just keep getting worse.  As long as we keep feeding the greed, they will keep eating.  Let’s put them on a diet next time we vote.

I have done a lot of listening and research, and at the present time I see Chris Dudley as the best choice on either side of the aisle for governor and hope that you will have a look at his positions and personality and see what you think.  I think that you will be impressed.  We have the added benefit of seeing what kind of character he has from his years as a Blazer and the annual camp for kids with diabetes and kids in general.  I think that his having dealt with the disease himself gives him a new perspective on the challenges faced by our citizens who are dealing with illness or handicap.  It’s nice to know that his smile and handshake are genuine.  That is far too rare among our reining political elite.


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