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Forgive Your Parents to Succeed

I think that the difference between a lot of successful people and unsuccessful ones is that the successful ones learned at an early age to stop blaming their parents for their own failures and begin to thank them for their successes. Most parents do the best they can with what they know in raising their kids and the sooner that we lose the blame game and begin to advance the lessons learned, not only from their successes, but also from their failures, the sooner we can open up the rich knowledge of experience that is commonly disregarded and abandoned in our youth oriented society.

I say this not because I consider myself particularly old and wise, but because I realize just how late I allowed it to get before I began to wise up. Don’t reject all of your elders advice because some of it was wrong. They have learned from their mistakes. Allow them to help you to avoid some of yours. By all means question the advice, but do so with an open mind. A mind which is open to learning. Sometimes I think that we have changed “open-mind” to mean “a mind to agree with me.” Case in point would be all the gay activists and abortion proponents, as well as the progressives who pushed the health insurance subsidy on us. I don’t mean to be political, so I must mention the idiots who masquerade as Christians to spread their unchristian hate and the “I need a fully automatic assault rifle with no background check” nuts as well. The loons are rampant on both sides of the ideological wall that’s been drawn, and it all detracts from our ability to operate in this world in a sane and accepting manner.

Knowledge is constantly evolving in this rapidly accelerated age of industry and science. We have to allow the lessons of the past to guide the way that we use and interpret the emerging paths to the future.


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