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2-1 Blazers!!

Game three tonight and our best perimeter defender is hurting, our best overall player is missing, our two most deadly shooters are both in horrible shooting slumps, and Phoenix has the momentum of a thirty point blowout behind them. Sounds like just the right recipe for a Blazer win.

All season long our team has been counted out due to injuries and then somehow managed to climb back into the picture through improved play by players who might never have had the chance to show their stuff had fate not thrown the Blazers a series of mind-boggling injuries to key people. Each time someone has stepped in and taken up the slack, and then when the injured player returns it leaves the team that much stronger and more aware of what it can do.

I think that tonight will present itself as an opportunity to one or more of our players who have struggled, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rudy or Martell come out on fire tonight, and I don’t see LA having another bad game. Not with the way he has been playing down the stretch. Look tonight for a 20 and 8 type of game from Lamarcus and a big game from one of our slumping shooters.

Does anyone think that Andre Miller won’t figure out the coverage and be more effective tonight than he was on Tuesday? He is too smart and basketball wise not to come back in a big way tonight.

Phoenix had their day of glory. They are in our house tonight, and in our house the Blazers rule. Blazers by 15.


2 thoughts on “2-1 Blazers!!

  1. wowwy dow doodle, Woot the blazers are back and better and badder than ever, Hopefully the fire that they lost will come back and back fire on the oponets, I am not sure how to spell that, but anyhow, I meen to say is that the other team will see that we are the best in the country and the other can just already surrender.

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