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I want to apologize to those of you who have been checking in and finding nothing new for several weeks and to assure you that I intend to devote more attention to the blog in the future. I have been wrestling with the direction to go with it. I have lost my passion to comment on the politics of the day. It just seems that our political discourse has become so nasty and convoluted that it is hard to make head or tails of any of it. No matter what the issue or who the politician it seems that if you take a stand on anything half the country hates you and the other half thinks that you are too weak. Is there any place in our country anymore for someone who is against abortion as birth control but has a deep interest in protecting the environment? Or for someone who thinks that guns DO kill people when they are to easy to get and can be fired more rapidly than a man can pull the trigger but also believes in secure borders and illegal being illegal? How about someone who would gladly pay more taxes to help our schools and our elderly and our handicapped citizens, but only if I can do that without paying more taxes to subsidize those who can earn for themselves, or businesses that have a connection to a senator or a representative or the president? Where is the part of the government that represents me? And aren’t there some others out there who could join in to work on the things that we agree on without rejecting each other because we don’t agree on everything?

As you can see, I am feeling a little adrift, politically, and with the Blazer season over and football still a distant glimmer in the fall, I need to refocus and come up with something that will keep you reading. Should I focus the blog more narrowly, and what should that focus be? What would keep you coming back? I’d love to hear from you.


One thought on “Adrift

  1. Sounds like maybe you should run for some type of political person, You may be able to help our fellow country men..

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