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Hellbent On Change

What are we giving up in our press to be more globally compatible?  Our national Identity, for one.  The world has become a very unfriendly place in the past couple of decades, and we seem to be following suit.  We no longer stand on the principles that made our nation great.  People used to immigrate to the United States as a place of opportunity and dreams.  We stood as a shining example to the rest of the world of what they could achieve through the freedom to pursue those dreams, and a place where those dreams could be realized. 

Now, if you achieve success, you are vilified as one of the greedy capitalists who climb to success on the backs of those less visionary.  Rather than the love of money being the root of all evil, it has become success is the root of all evil. 

We are now a smorgasbord of competing values that will not mesh, like mismatched cogs which clash and jam and cause the national machine to be constantly stuck in reverse, tearing apart the foundations that carried us to a place of influence and the power to make positive change in an often negative world.

We just elected our first president of African descent, and what is his response?  To tear apart the very system that allowed that historic event.  The man who was swept into office is now hellbent upon destroying our standing in the world, as he stands with tyrants and despots against his own country and it’s allies.  We are losing, on an accelerated time line, everything that our country once stood for as the radicals and hate-mongers have risen to power. 

This isn’t the kind of change that America called for, and though the majority of our citizens seem to be realizing what they are doing, it may be too late to stop it.  The juggernaut is on the tracks with a full head of steam, and who knows how far it will go? 

The will of the people no longer seems to matter, only the will of the people in charge.


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