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A Dark Day For Blazer Fans

A dark day for Blazer fans.  The architect of the team that brought us out of the jailblazer image has been summarily fired, apparently because Paul Allen and his Vulcan buddies were jealous of K.P.’s success and the accolades that came with it.  I really wanted to believe that our petulant owner had turned a corner and had put the pettiness and the win at any cost mentality behind him, but it looks as though we are still dealing with the man who ran over the small business people who depended on him as he filed bankruptcy and looked to get out-of-town or force the city into catering to his rich boy desires.   The man who dumped Bill Shoenly, fired Rick Adelman and drove Clyde out of town.   A skunk still stinks even if he hides his stripes. 

The frontrunner to replace KP seems to be Mark Warkentien, the guy who brought Zack Randolph to town.  He’s been in Denver.  You don’t have to look far to see where the Blazers are headed if he takes charge.  Get ready for whole body tattoos and surly power players and a return to the days when we win a lot on talent but don’t have the kind of character to finish.  Were used to that.  How many years did we put up with the brilliant but flawed teams with Randolph, Bonzi Wells, Rasheed Wallace, Isiah Ryder, et al?

Warkentein is reportedly the source of all the anonymous stories of KP’s arrogance and demeaning comments about his superiors.  He has coveted the Portland job since he left and was passed over when KP got the job.  I see a return to the days when the fans and the press were considered the enemy and kept in the dark and treated as though their support didn’t matter anyway.  The good news is tickets will probably become a lot easier to come by in the next couple of years.  Looks like the Blazers will go the way of most of Paul’s other businesses; in the toilet. 

As a longtime Blazer fan (since their formation) it is a very hard realization that the excitement and anticipation of the past four years has once again turned to trepidation.  I endured the years of bad behavior but was reduced for a while to simply reading the write-up in the paper rather than wasting my time watching a bunch of guys that I would want to shield my family from if I encountered them off the court.  If we go back to those days I don’t think that I will bother to even follow it.  If it goes bad again I’ll know that the biggest change needed is at the top.  Isn’t there an owner out there from Portland who could take a little pride in the package that they put on the court. 

 As a longtime Raider fan, I am well aware of the damage that an out of touch owner who lives in his own little world can do to a sports team.  Are Al Davis and Paul Allen cousins?  There seems to be a shared gene that has never evolved to a state of common sense. 

Paul is that wimpy little kid who owns all the toys and if he doesn’t get his way he gathers up his toys and goes home.  That could be his next move.  The Seattle Trailblazers.  I’m getting to the point of saying go for it.  You’ve broken them anyway.


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