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Just Saying

Is it just me, or are there others who think that it is unsuitable for the President of The United States of America to take time off from the important issues facing our nation to run around the country stumping for his party leading up to this fall’s election?  Do we need our President stepping into the cesspool of lies and character assassination rampant in the politics of an election? 

We need to hold our President to a higher standard.  He is the leader of the most powerful nation in the free world and the whole world is judging our country, judging us, on who our leader is.  They see him as an extension of how we think and who we are.  He represents us and needs to represent us in style of honesty and of strength and of wisdom.  He should hold himself to a higher standard.  He should not run around making excuses for his failures, but should learn from them and begin to allow new voices to be heard.   

He should be the unifying force in our time of need, not pulling us apart with charges of racism and hatred.  He needs to foment harmony so that we can work together on some little problems like a tanking economy, an imminent nuclear Iran, allies who could just be our worst enemies (Pakistan?), and his own failure to connect his ambitions to the needs and desires of those whom he was elected to represent.

How is it beneficial to the country that Congress decides to put off needed but controversial legislation until after the election?  The make good money, our money, to go to Washington and legislate, not run around in the middle of a war and an economic crises, with almost 10% of the country on unemployment and perhaps another 5-8% not working but not receiving aid, and try to convince us that they did a better job than we thought that they did and that they are smarter than everybody else. 

In fact, it would be a good system if incumbents were not allowed to campaign beyond displaying their legislative record and accomplishments, and the challengers could provide biographical ads and outline their views and plans.  Incumbents should stand on their record alone, and not on the money and influence of special interests, unions, and corporations to weave a false and attractive web of what we want to hear and believe.

Let there be full disclosure of campaign funding and strict limits on campaign spending.

Put it out there for us to decide.  Did they do the job that we sent them to do, or did they just fill space or cause even  more damage than they fixed?  Make our choices simple if we are going to solve the problems that grip us.  No more choosing between bad and worse.  Let’s run the bums out-of-town and get someone in office whose main goal is not maintaining his own position.

The President and legislature have a lot on their plate without going off  once again trying to convince us that up is down.

Just saying.


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