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I awoke in the night with thoughts about the things that we lose as we go through life, not just material things, but stages of life, confidence, interest, and determination.  When we are conceived, we lose our place in eternity, when we’re born we lose the comfort of the womb.  We lose our childhood and, in the process, our innocence.  As we become adults we lose the security of our parent’s home, and the freedom that comes from a lack of real consequences.  As we grow older we lose friends and family and pets and we lose that immortality that seemed so natural in our youth.  We lose our health and sometimes our minds and finally we lose our lives.  If that were all there were to the story life would be a depressing journey

There is a plus side to this lifetime of loss.  It is a rule in physics that matter will move to fill a vacuum.  This is also true in the less physical side of life as well.  For every loss that creates a void in our lives, there is something waiting to fill that void and carry us on to the next stage of our lives.  When we lose our place with our creator we are united with a woman who has dedicated her life to our welfare with you as her only reward.  When we are cast from the warmth and comfort of the womb we are thrust into an adventure in a wondrous world created for our edification and enjoyment.  Through the loss of innocence we gain the ability to reason and to create and to make our lives and the lives of those around us better. 

We gain a new understanding of our own capabilities and the things that we might accomplish.  We gain a new life partner to complement and complete us.  We gain the amazing experience of parenthood and with it our part in the continuation of the life cycle of God’s people.  We gain experience and, through that experience, wisdom.  We gain the chance to repair the folly of our youth.  We gain the opportunity to seek and gain a relationship with our Creator. 

As our bodies begin to fail us our minds and our spirits mature and we are able to leave a younger generation with a solid foundation upon which to build their own lives, their dreams, and their aspirations.  And finally, when we leave this worldly life behind, we regain our position in eternity, tested and mature and ready to complete the purpose for which we were created; to spend eternity in the glorious presence of everything good and pure and holy.  We lose everything of this world and we gain everything of importance.  Communion with our Creator.  

Life is constant renewal and replacement.  Life is a prelude.


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