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Walk It Off, Part 2

One of the greatest threats to our health today is not cancer and it’s not heart attack or stroke.  These are, however, symptoms of this pervasive problem.  It is not a disease in itself, but is the breeding ground for countless diseases and afflictions suffered by modern man, and modern Americans in particular.  The problem has roots in the combination of a permissive society and the easy access to fulfillment of most of our physical needs.

Obesity is running roughshod throughout our modern society, fueled in part by our affluence and ability to easily find gratification without justification.  This ease of access leads to overconsumption, which then fuels a loss of a sense of self-reliance, which can lead to a lack of self-esteem, and in many cases to more overconsumption.  A loathsome circle is formed and our health is at risk.  Food is plentiful, but so much of what we eat is empty calories, pumped full of chemicals that we will finally learn about their harmful effects ten years from now when people begin growing a third eye or their nose falls off.  Then the lawyers will get involved and someone in the government bureaucracy will make a lot of money from the additive companies as Congress draws up new toothless regulations and that additive is pulled from the market and replaced with a new product that is ready to be tested on a massive scale, on us.  And as the economy tanks and the wars drag out and every aspect of our way of life comes under attack we just eat and eat and eat, because that is the only thing that we really can control anymore. 

At least they can’t tell you what and how much to eat.  Right?

Then why are you eating all that crap?  And why are you just sitting around, taking in everything that anyone wants to feed you, physically, mentally, and spiritually?  There is something very simple that you can do now, today, to make things a little better.  And if you will commit to doing this every day, or at least most days, Things will get a little better each day.

Take a hike!

No, seriously.  Go walking.  Walk every day.


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