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Take A Hike

I haven’t been writing much lately, but I do keep on walking.  Walking and thinking go hand in hand, and I find that if I do not walk or if I drastically cut down the amount, I do not have the abundance of subjects that interest me and stimulate me to write and to share the insights that have occurred to me during my daily excursions. 

One of the differences that may have affected the volume of my writing is location.  During the nicer weather of summer I would usually walk for a couple of miles and then sit in the woods with my laptop or my pen and paper and write, sometimes for three or four hours, and I never seemed to run out of passion or subject matter to fuel my efforts.  Now, with the advent of the rain, which does not mix well with computers or, for that matter, writing tablets as well, and the unfortunate encounter that my dog, Chubbs, had with a young porcupine, we have taken to walking our three miles on a trail near our home and then coming home to write at my home office. 

Fortunately for Chubbs the porcupine was young with small quills.

As much as I try to make that office conducive to writing I just can’t make it as relaxing and inspiring as sitting out in the woods with the sound of the creek at my feet and the birds conversing in the trees. 

My dream is to move back into the country and live along a creek or river, or perhaps near a lake or a pond so that the dogs and I can go into the back yard and sit with the timeless sound of the water and the sweet hum of the forest to inspire me and I can write and the dogs can run free in the woods and then, in the afternoon, we can catch our dinner and then sit by the fire and enjoy a hearty meal and watch the Trailblazers game on the big screen. 

I have to keep writing to fulfill that dream.

I have to keep walking, too.  For inspiration, for health, and just to keep myself grounded and appreciating the beauty that God desired for us to live in as we work our way toward Him.  I have been promising to write more on the benefits and pleasures of walking every day, and I will fulfill that promise in the coming days.  I will give you some facts, health tips, recipes, and other related news that I believe will help you to realize how simple it is to improve your health and increase your awareness and enjoyment of the world around you.  I leave you with my new mantra, don’t take this wrong, but:

Take a hike.


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