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Goodbye & Good Riddance to Campaign Season

I had all sorts of things running through my mind earlier while I walked the dogs and then again while I relaxed and now that I sit down to write all the ideas and thoughts that were so plentiful have scattered, nowhere in mind.  Poetry might be a good way to start.  I have not done any poetry in a good long time.  Actually, without poetry, it is more of a bad long time.  Poetry is salve for the soul.  It is an important aspect of my writing and one that I should cultivate and develop.  It opens new pathways of creativity and new relationships between the words, allowing interplay with one another that can embellish any writing that I attempt.  Poetry is like writing letters to God. 

Perhaps my writer’s block is due to a deficit in hiking time.  Time spent in the woods is time for thought and for inspiration and contemplation.  It is a time to slow the pace of life even as I hasten my step.  A time to recharge that creative connection between me and my creator.  Sometimes it’s good to walk alone, and sometimes it’s good to take a friend. 

Thank goodness for the end of the campaign season again.  The time is ripe for reconciliation and cooperation.  Thank goodness that we have returned to a more balanced form of government.  Hopefully, now that people are in place, our country can once again become that bastion of diverse people and even more diverse views joining together for the common interests that will once again remind us why this is the greatest county not only in the world, but in the history of the world.  The advancements made in the name of humanity for more than two hundred years have long come predominantly from the United States of America.  We don’t want to risk losing that leadership position due to misguided political agendas.  Our country rose to greatness by having starkly delineated spheres of power between the three branches of the federal government, and by retaining the state’s rights to individually govern in conjunction with the limited federal areal of jurisdiction; defense, national security, and constitutional oversight. 

These branches of government were designed to work together as a smoothly functioning system to bring our growing nation to its full potential, and it has, producing the nation that has led the world in every area; productivity, commerce, defense, human rights, foreign aid, invention, advancement of knowledge, education, health.  We defend the weak and we aid the poor.  We make loans knowing that they will never be repaid, except with good will.  Let us not forget all the good that has come from this system of governance.

Our country, with all of our problems, remains a shining light to the world of what can become when people are free to pursue their dreams.  People from across the globe still clamor to come here.  We remain the brightest  beacon of freedom.  People in the worst of circumstances draw encouragement from the liberty that we represent.  We don’t need a complete overhaul, just a tune-up.  Let’s take a moment to focus on what is right with our system and preserve that before we get too change-happy.

This time around we can only hope that all the politicians on all the sides can understand that America doesn’t want governance by extremists of any ideology.  We want a government that will understand that they are there to do what is best for the whole country, not just the people who voted for them or the special interests who donated money.  They need to work harder to find that middle ground and if they are so sure they are right then it is up to them to educate us and show us why they are right.  No more “let’s pass this so that we can see what is in it.  Honesty is not all that difficult, once you get used to it.

Hopefully everyone has learned something, because the republicans not too long ago were in the same position as the democrats find themselves now.  Swept from office because they were not listening and they were not doing what we sent them to do.  I think it would be great for them to become aware that they are in office only as long as they are doing the job that we pay them to do.  Sure it’s tough to get to that consensus needed to do the right thing, but they obtained office by telling us that they were capable of exactly that.  Let’s see it, or there will be a lot of new faces again next time.

One of the most disturbing developments during the recent campaigns in my view was the proliferation of vicious personal attacks, especially against conservative women.  Seeing this cancer even spread up to the presidency was extremely disconcerting to me.  I expect the people that we elect to office to have the same respect for others that he or she expects themselves. I don’t care about republican politician, or democrat politician.  Just give me honest and informed politician and I am a happy camper.  I would just ask that whoever it is, he listen to voters no matter their party affiliation.  If someone is there to represent me, it shouldn’t matter whether he agrees or disagrees with me; he owes it to me to consider my perspective.

I think that our politics would become much more civil if, before each day’s session in the chambers, all the senators or all the representatives would take a thirty minute walk together, preferably in a nice natural setting.  You can’t stay angry while you walk.  It’s the truth.  Give it a try yourself if you don’t believe me.  The next time something about our system of governance irritates you, go walk in the woods. It wills sooth your soul.  Then go back and write your local politicians.  Tell them to get it together or to…

Take a hike!!!


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