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Just A Couple Of Things

My thoughts and prayers are with the people who are suffering in Japan and to those who have lost loved ones or are struggling for news of family or friends.  Thank God that He is most present when we need Him the most.  A disaster like this is an opportunity for the best of mankind to shine through as even those locked in deadly struggle often rush side by side to aid the stricken.  Seeing the raw power of the world we live in can be a humbling reality check that reminds us of our connectedness.

We should remember also that there are people all around us experiencing disaster in their lives that, while on a more individual scale, is every bit as devastating and overwhelming for them as for the victims of the huge natural disasters.  As we bring needed aid to the victims of this most visible disaster we should also pledge to better recognize the need for comfort and aid when it is on a smaller or less visible scale.

Would that the world could respond so quickly and positively to the man-made disasters  in such places as Iran, Libya, and so many places of violence in the African continent.  

The reports on Portland’s talk radio scene of the demise of Brandon Roy’s game were a bit premature, it would seem, judging from his play since returning from double knee surgery.  How quickly some forget that Brandon Roy’s most impressive basketball attribute while playing for the Blazers and even when he toiled north on I-5 for the UW has always been his intelligence and ability to transform his game whenever circumstance or physical limitation has thrown up a barrier.

Off the bench.  Twenty minutes a game.  Bone on bone knees.  Deferring to Lamarcus Aldridge.  Playing alongside Andre Miller.  Fitting in to a unit that is playing well already.  Could his ego take it?

What ego?  Between the legs cross-over dribble and weave to the basket.  Drop step dribble, pump-fake, and swish a “J”.  Finish on a fast break alley-oop lay-up.  Twenty-one points on 9 of 17 shooting and a third period buzzer beater for the lead.  I’d say he’s blended in beautifully and with the way that Lamarcus is playing I have a feeling that there are some teams sweating where Portland may end up in the play-off standings.

One of the most mysterious and wonderful aspects of our lives is the God-given ability to fail and to recover stronger than before.  Sometimes when we try to fix everything unfortunate that happens to someone we rob them of the ability to recover from that sort of failure later in life, or of the strength that would be gained during the struggle.  We should choose with wisdom the things that we would save our children from, allowing them to fail sometimes when the consequences of the failure are still small and the potential for gain is large.


One thought on “Just A Couple Of Things

  1. awesome, i like how you sounded like a blazer announcer, you could be the one in the podium saying what lamarcus aldrige is doing durring his play.

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