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All The News

Is it just me or do the various news shows sometimes step out-of-bounds in their zeal to report every bit of information that they uncover? There was a time when journalists and law enforcement were on the same side, but it seems that news outlets currently are doing everything that they can to make law enforcement a losing proposition.

What brought this once more to prominence in my mind was a story that I watched on the local fox station news broadcast about a default setting on smart phones that allows GPS information to be uploaded with the photos sent to the internet from the phones. After telling us how bad guys are using this to target people’s homes and possessions, they told us how to find the menu path to turn the GPS tracking off. If they had stopped there, it was a good story and a good heads up to us all about the dangers of blindly posting to the internet.

They didn’t stop there. They continued the story, explaining how the flip side to the danger is the hidden benefit that the authorities can use the same privacy glitch to track down bad guys, and in fact have been very successful doing just that.

This is where I have a problem with the reporting. We have learned how to combat those tech-savvy thieves that are prowling for our identity information and that is very helpful, but we know that once we close that avenue they are going to find another. They are extremely intelligent, if twisted, individuals. This is an ongoing struggle that I suspect we have seen just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, though, we must also worry about all those bad guys who might have been caught except that channel 12 just told them how to avoid capture and let them in on the fact that there was indeed an imminent threat of that very thing.

Thanks a lot, Ms. Reporter-On-The Spot.

I see this all the time anymore, both nationally and locally. If they have the information they have to write it report it. To heck with discretion and common sense. From how to make explosives to where the best places are for a sexual predater to be successful.

What ever became of responsible reporting?


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