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I’m Back

It has been awhile since my last posting and I apologize for that. Life keeps getting in the way. In reviewing my past postings I could see that I was leaning more and more toward making this a political opinion outlet. It began as a way to preserve some of the things which occurred to me as I took my daily walk with my three (now two) dogs on various trails in our area. I always found that I did my best thinking on the trail.
Since my last time here I have been devoting more and more time to my hobby of carving faces on walking sticks as I have found a strong market for hand-crafted art that you can use. My other blog, Work at Playing ( is focused on writing, woodcarving, and photography and I will be focusing this blog more upon walking and all aspects of healthy and happy living. I may discuss some political matters, mostly as they pertain to our health and well-being, but I will leave the contentiousness out and try only to give the facts as they pertain directly to our health and contentment.
I will add in an article that I first posted on Work at Playing that should be a good lead-in for our new direction here, in case you missed it. I should be posting a new article this week, so watch for it. I have felt half-empty during my inattention to my writing and do not like the feeling, so expect to hear a lot from me in the future. Thanks, and here is that article.


Today I re-dedicate myself to the pursuit of good health and to start it off I took the dogs for a five mile hike along our local trail. The sights and sounds that offer themselves this time of year are diverse and beautiful. The birds are full of song; the plaintive cry of a hawk breaks the crisp morning air like a hammer, sending illusory shards of sound sparkling in your ears. The sun feels already warm when it touches your shoulders in shimmering rays between the towering canopies of new leaves.

The varied colors range from the subtle to the spectacular. Dozens of varieties of grasses and grains are courting, displaying delicate, life-giving stamens that stretch and reach for the pollens that float through the air as you brush by in inadvertent complicity. The white flowers of the blackberry vines hold the promise of pies and cobblers and strudel to come. The border of the path is awash in blues and yellows and reds.
The sound of the creek lends timelessness to the mood with its lazy but perpetual journey to the sea. The morning sun glints off the surface, causing you squint as you watch the dogs happily plunge into water still chilled by their plunge from the mountain snow. Across the creek two cows stand watching their young calves play and eat in a meadow.

An early morning walk is the perfect opportunity to pray, meditate and to reflect. Surrounded by beauty it is easy to find that place where you can surrender your thoughts to a higher consciousness, a communion with God. It can be a time of introspection and cleansing, when you can step back and look at things from a different perspective. Somehow, surrounded by the beauty of His natural world, it is easier to see your actions and motivations for what they really are.

A solitary walk lends its own set of benefits and sensory satisfaction, but I have found that a dog, or in my case three dogs, can add another layer entirely to the experience. What better example of unconditional love than that of a canine friend? One who doesn’t judge you, always forgives you, and still expects the best from you. Our three dogs add a level of companionship and comfort that can only enhance the natural high that comes from losing yourself on a nice forest trail or a long ragged stretch of Oregon coast.

You can find links to my blogs and explore my website at Look on the contact page. As always, your comment and contributions in the way of content are always welcome. Come walk with me.
Enough for now. I need to stretch my legs. I think I’ll go for a walk.