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Why I Walk

Walking is one of my favorite forms of exercise for many reasons.  It is easy to learn.  There are few steps involved (2) so it is easy to remember.  And walking requires no special equipment, but there is enough special equipment geared toward walking that, if you are one who is inclined to gimmicks or not, you can find your comfort level with the technology available to you.  In other words, walking is as simple and pure as you can get, but you can still feed your technology addiction to whatever level tickles your fancy.

I like to keep it simple.  I often use a walking stick as I find it useful to set my pace and to push away the errant vine or branch as I walk.  I less often take along some form of musical or spoken entertainment.  My walks are most often along forest trails or in parks and I prefer the sounds of nature around me to stimulate my thoughts and prepare me for a day of writing and carving.  I find my walks often are my muse, delivering ideas and a chance to refine them as I walk encased within the sounds of the woods.

My wife gave me a simple little pedometer that she had gotten from AARP and I have found that it helped me much in standardizing the length of my walks and I now have a much better idea of the distances that I walk, even when I have forgotten the pedometer.  My judgment of distance has greatly improved through use of the inexpensive little device.

Walking gives me a time when my body can be occupied while my mind soars and searches what boundaries can be pushed and what truths can be found when we explore the unknown depths that lie within us.

Walking gives me the quiet time that I need to connect with my Creator, to pray and to converse with God and to work through the internal conflicts and questionings that arise in even the calmest days.

Walking heals the mind and soothes the soul.  You cannot walk for long and remain angry.  Motion soothes.  Motion heals.  Motion sparks our pioneer spirit and pushes us to discover that which has been hidden to us.  When we move we change our perspectives and thus the way that we perceive our situation.

There is a need within us to move freely.  When we move our bodies we exercise our minds as well.  There is no downside to walking.

I walk because it moves me forward in so many ways.  When I walk a trail I normally wind up back where I began on the path, but I will never really be in the same place that I started.  When I walk, I walk into the future.


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