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Be Safe

It is the season for hiking and a little should probably be said about safety.  Earlier this morning I heard of a kayaker stranded for twelve hours in a river and another report of a 65-year-old man who stumbled on a trail and fell to his death down a sheer thirty food drop.  It seems that each day we hear a new report of an accident while someone was out enjoying the weather and the outdoors.

While you may be excited at the prospect of an adventure outdoors after a long winter trapped indoors by our insipid winter weather, care must be taken not to overestimate skills rendered rusty from un-use.

If you are heading out for some outdoor recreation some preparation is certainly called for.  One of the most basic yet most important steps is to understand the conditions that you will encounter.  Are rivers running high with snowmelt from the rise in temperatures?  Has there been sufficient sun to dry the trails or do they remain slick and treacherous?  What kind of conditions can you expect?  Though the days are warm, are the nights still dipping into uncomfortable extremes?  Preparation for the proper conditions can mean the difference between a successful outing or a trip to the hospital or worse.  As with any activity beyond your couch, there are safety considerations that, when properly addressed can facilitate a successful and enjoyable excursion into the wonders that surround us in our beautiful region in the NW.

Some friends and I are planning a hike at Silver Falls Park near Silverton this coming Saturday, June 23.  Photographers will be meeting at the South Falls around 7 am to catch the good morning light on the falls.  Two professional photographers are among the group and will likely be a fount of helpful hints for the amateurs among us.  At 11 am we will again meet at the South Falls to gather up the late-sleepers and continue with some good conversation and wonderful scenery.  There is some talk of a late lunch after at McMenniman’s in Wilsonville.

It should be a great time and all are welcome to join us.  The more the merrier.  There is a $5 day use fee at the park unless you have a season pass.  I hope to see you there.

Until next time;