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Turn it off

Life just gets busier and busier.  Our gadgets promise to simplify our lives, making us more efficient, but more and more we become devoted to those gadgets, allowing them to dominate and even to run our lives.  Just keeping up has become nearly a full-time occupation.  As soon as most of us can afford the latest innovations they are already obsolete and we are left to long for and chases the next big thing.  Who now can function without their i pad or their iPhone or droid or their home entertainment all in one system or their intelligent appliances?  We are at their mercy.  Who doesn’t know the frustration of the cell phone battery that won’t hold a charge, the laptop whose display fails, or the internet connection goes down in a storm?

Somewhere in all of this the idea that this technology is intended to ease our lives and reduce our anxiety has been lost.  We make and lose friends online that we never meet.  The most atrocious things are rampant in the anonymity of the web.  Lies are repeated until they become truths.  Rumors spread by faceless bloggers and those who want the attention but not the consequences of their words.

Many of us have become so wrapped up in this pursuit of a utopian future that we forget that all that we need to be fulfilled and content rests not in the things that we surround ourselves with, but the things that are within us.  We forget to take the time to connect with that which moves us, that which sustains us.

It is important to take the time during our frantic efforts to keep up with this rapidly moving world to reflect upon what it is that truly moves us, what fuels our desire to go on.

When I sit in the woods by a stream, or walk in a meadow of wildflowers I can see the reflection in God’s eye.  I can feel Him in the variety of miracles that surround me.  The old saying goes “the devil is in the details.”  When you get out into nature, you see that it is God that is in the details.  The fragile yellow flowers, like colorful lace, growing in the shadow of the huge cedar tree.  The song of the creek as background for the rustle of the wind through plush ferns and the songbirds that add their punctuating fervor.

It is important to turn off the gadgets once in a while, just so you can hear some of God’s gadgetry and to marvel at the complexity and the simplicity of His creation.  It is good for the body; it is good for the mind; it is great for the soul.

Happy hiking.