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Memorial Day Just A Start

We spend this one day a year to honor those who have served in war and those who have fallen, as well we should, but what about the rest of the year?  Do we give enough attention for those other 363 days of the year to those that are willing to sacrifice so much so that we are able to pursue our careers and our leisure without thought to the fact that it is a dangerous world out there, and the only barrier  keeping that danger “out there” is the dedication and courage of the men and women of our military.

The members of our armed forces put up not only with deadly situations of war, but with a surrender of many of the personal freedoms that they have sworn to protect for the rest of us.  They live where they are told to live.  They submit to home inspections.  They can end up in jail for not performing their job.  They have to wear uniforms and they have a personal grooming requirement that most of us would not accept.  They must be ready to move on short notice, and even during peacetime they are separated from their families regularly for extended periods.

And they volunteer to do this!

I think that we owe these brave people not only our thanks and a day of remembrance, but we owe them our support year round.  We owe it to them to stop our politicians from using them as pawns in their obscene power struggles and insure that they are properly equipped and compensated for the invaluable way that they enrich the lives of each of us who is free to enjoy a long weekend or to pursue our dream career or any of the multitude of choices that face us.

These are the things that they are defending.  We shouldn’t let them struggle because of what they do for us.  Furlough the politicians and give bonuses to the soldiers.

Thank you to all who serve.  God Bless you.