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I’m Back (Again)

During a busy year and a half, I am afraid that i have neglected this blog and my writing in general, but that is a mistake that I am ready to remedy.  I plan to re-dedicate myself to making this into an informative and entertaining spot to find helpful information and interesting exploration into environmentally responsible and healthy lifestyle, and methods for weaning ourselves from some of the self-induced stress that fills our lives.

As I prepared to begin writing for this blog once again I was at first a little worried to see that there is a movie coming out starring Robert Redford, called “A Walk In The Woods.”  I had a bit of a knee-jerk reaction of, “Hey, I had it first.”

Then I realized, this could be the greatest thing to happen to my blog.  I could be seeing all sorts of accidental visitors.  Maybe some of them will check out my blog, and I could see some new readers as a result.

I think that I will have to see the movie.  I will let you know how it is.


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