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“The Victorious Christian Life, A Guide to Spiritual Success” by Dr. Tony Evans

I read “The Victorious Christian Life, A Guide to Spiritual Success” by Dr. Tony Evans. Dr. Evans writes in a style that makes it not only an easy and interesting read but also connects messages from The Bible to our modern lives.
The Victorious Christian Life is written to be read from start to finish, but I found it more effective to skip around after the introduction. If I skipped to a chapter that was pertinent to my current situation, I could easily navigate to related material using the excellent chapter titles and the section headings. I did not read the book with a review in mind, and so this review is of a book that filled a particular need at a particular time in my life. That the book seemed worthy of a write-up speaks to the effect that it had upon me.
For the person who is firm in their faith it is a wonderful confirmation of the rewards inherent in seeking God in all of our endeavors. Dr. Evans points out the joy of living each day for Christ and the many ways in which God rewards us for living for Him.
For the Christian who is struggling with his walk with Christ because of hardship in their lives it is a comforting explanation of the many obstacles that face us as Christians and a confirmation that there is a point to our struggles and suggests ways in which we can polish our lives to better reflect the glory of God. The book reminds us that our purpose here is to reach others for Christ. God does not want to lose even one of us, and we are His agents here. Our lives should be spent creating a better reflection of Christ and His life and resurrection.
I heartily recommend this book to everyone. It is easy to read, packed with useful tips for remaining grounded in The Word. Dr. Tony Evans powerful speaking presence comes through in this book, leaving you better prepared to live a satisfying and productive Christian quest. This book is one that you will want to keep on the shelf of your library. Packed with good advice and easily navigable, you will find yourself enriched each time you return to it.

The Victorious Christian Life
A Guide to Spiritual Success
Dr. Tony Evans
Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville


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