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Give and Recieve

Lately we have been called upon to aid our adult children financially and have thankfully been in a position to fulfill their needs and sometimes, as a treat, some of their wants as well, all while fulfilling our own obligations and actually making some headway yet against our own debt. Our children consider these loans that they will repay someday, but we give them the money as a gift and we are able to do this now because I am maturing in my trust in God. I know that I can fulfill any need that God places before me with full confidence because God will, and in fact already has, put everything in place to meet all of my needs. I needn’t worry because the creator of the universe, the author of life, has my back.  Deuteronomy 15:10

I am not telling this to inflate myself or take credit for anything, but to serve as an example of a selfish and self-centered sinner who through the grace of Christ and His love has found that I am capable of doing unselfish things and putting others first. This has not come easy for me. I am not sure what in my past may have caused this need to hang on to the things that I have and to want the things that belong to others, but it has been a lifelong struggle to overcome these feelings and to open myself to feeling compassion for others to the extent that I can give away something that has value to me. I take no pride in the man that I am, but revel in the man that Christ is allowing me to become. I tell my story ashamed that it took so long to understand but in hopes that I can encourage others who may struggle as I do to find this victory.

This is the attitude that I strive for but, as I stated before, constantly struggle with my selfish nature. I am thankful that the feeling has become a more natural one, one that I can give in to with confidence. As a younger man I was fearful of losing what I had and not having what I needed. This paralyzed my ability to answer God’s call when he set before me someone with a need that I could help fill.  proverbs 11:24-25

Everything that I have is in my possession in case there is a need for it, whether by me or by others. And God continuously tells us that we should put others first. That is because others have some of the things that we need and cannot supply for ourselves and they have these things simply because we have a need for them. God knows everything that we need at any moment, He has known since He conceived us what our needs would be and he has made provisions to meet each one of them. But He doesn’t just hand us things. To make it through this life requires relationships. We were not created to be solitary creatures. We were created to fellowship with God and we are His representatives on earth. It requires reaching out and opening up and casting off preconceived ideas and prejudices. It requires caring about others and learning their stories and learning the purposes for the wealth that God has put into your life.  Luke 6:38

This may be why there are so many that have wealth but are not satisfied by that wealth. Instead it keeps them on the run, seeking one more thing to fulfill a need that still burns inside. They think that they can find it or buy it or earn it. The only way to earn it, though, is to give up possession of the things that you have so that you can obtain the things that you need. That does not mean to go out and give away everything that you have. Just be open to filling the needs of others and God will start to send to you the things to you that you need. These things arrive through relationships, and they will be finer than anything that you have achieved for yourself. These are the things that will complete you.  proverbs 28:27


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