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I Can’t Vote

I don’t think that I can vote any more. Not on the national level. I think that it still matters to varying degrees on the regional and local levels and I will be voting there, but on the federal level it is all a big charade and it does not matter which side is there, as president or congressman or judge, there are no more good men.
I used to think that there were congressmen who went in at the start with integrity and good intentions, but I have lost that belief. I now think that to reach a level that you would be considered by the powers that are crucial to an election, you have already sold your soul. By that time integrity is a malleable variable to you and you have compromised your deep felt moral compass in order to join in the juvenile process of choosing up sides to do battle. To play the game you must accept bizarre premises and play politics with people’s lives and livelihoods. In some cases you deem to play God, but without His wisdom and omniscience to guide you in deciding who is viable and who is not, who is worth saving and who is not, and who can succeed and who cannot.
You come to think that it is your position to decide who can say what and even what they should think. You align yourself with the loudest whining special interest groups that seem to think the right to the pursuit of happiness means that everyone else has to help out with their happiness, no matter how strange or off-beat their desires may be. And you understand the need to cater to the minority du jour.
I am sorry, but I cannot vote for that, not in either party, and at that level there is not much difference between them, no matter which party they arbitrarily cling to. The constitution has no meaning to the federal governing class. They modify it and ignore it as it suits them, either claiming that the founders never intended for it to be a rigid set of rules but rather a loose set of guidelines, to be stretched and bent according to which way the social winds are blowing, or that it is out of date and should be amended and updated as society evolves.
I cannot accept that idea that the greatest document in the history of mankind, the one that stands as a model to the rest of the world, is a shortsighted exercise in governance that has outlived its usefulness. That is a bunch of horse feathers and we should respect that document and allow it to guide us as it did for two hundred years before us, leading and defending the world on the strength of its premise.