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What Are We Doing to Our Planet?

I have long been a critic of the man-made global warming theory, but I am beginning to think that opposing the premise is not really conducive to my overall values and the future that I work toward..

I still do not think that our activities have much to do with the rising of the temperatures; instead I think that it is likely caused by natural fluctuations that have been cycling far longer than we have been here to take note of the phenomenon.

I do not totally reject the idea that we may have some impact on the climate but as yet I have not seen the evidence to support that premise.

Sometimes the amount of money invested has a lot to do with the results.  Following the science often turns into follow the money.

Science should not be either a democratic process or a profit oriented endeavor, but an untainted search for the truth.  It is not an attempt to prove or disprove, but a mission of discovery.

My concerns rest more in the manner in which we poison our environment and do irreparable genetic damage by using the world and its population of humans, animals, and plants as a laboratory, thinking that we have a better idea; that we can take what God has wrought and improve upon it.

This may be a result of our allowing the corporations to pretty much monitor themselves.

What has changed about the fox guarding the hen-house, that it can become our standard for sponsoring research?

Now it is hard to find a river that runs pure, a grain that is genetically unmodified, or an honest man in a position of power.