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I Love Democrats, I love Republicans (And everyone else)

Agree to Disagree

I hope during this time of great political divide and discord that we can remember that I do not have to agree with you in order to love and care about you and to want the best for you.

I believe that, in fact, I will be a better friend to you if I do not agree with you all of the time. And likewise you to me.

Too often we surround ourselves with people that think and act as we do and thus cut ourselves off from the learning experience that other opinions can bring.

Over the years we look back at the views and the decisions that have put us where we are and marvel at the naiveté that drove some of those actions. And while most of us would not change the results I think that we can see the easier route that could have led here had we listened to some opposing views.

And yet we still seem to meet opposing ideas as though the bearers of such are heretics and should be excommunicated from decent society.

As the political rhetoric increases in this particularly nasty campaign cycle I would ask my family and friends to remember what is important in your heart and measure whether differing views about material things should trump the idea that love is stronger than hate and that you will garner more support and more results by embracing those around you no matter their political registration and ignoring the self-serving calls to hate and separate that these candidates for our highest office have decided to engage in. If they can divide us, they are the only winners. They reduce us to their level. Which is what they need to survive.

“Love your neighbor as yourself,” applies even to those who disagree with us.
We’ll be okay as long as we care about each other.