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Hi, I’m Chubbs

IMG_1039 (1)

Hi.  I’m Chubby.  I am a Lab/Shepherd mix and just celebrated my seventeenth birthday September 1st.  My good friend and walking companion, Ron, normally writes this blog, but he is working on several other projects at the moment and so I suggested that I take over for a time.

I do plan to keep the general tone of the writing but we will be focusing more on some of the health concerns and social issues involving myself and the more than 150 million cats and dogs that now share this great country with you.

Now you may be surprised that a dog such as myself could even be writing a post, but recent studies have shown a canine capacity to learn language and even to recognize some rudimentary spelling.  (Don’t try and sneak v.e.t. past me.)

I may even have a few thoughts from time to time about some of the silly things that you humans are prone to doing.  How some of you can get by without a dog to keep you out of trouble is beyond me..

So, give me a chance.  I might surprise you.



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