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Living With Murphy

Hi, Chubbs here.

I promised some more info on the Malamute breed and some ideas of what it is like living with a Malamute like Murphy.Murphy

Think Hair Everywhere

Murphy has so much hair, a double coat, that you would think that when he got wet he would stay wet. Not so.
His fur sheds the water and when we go in for a swim my short hair stays wet longer than Murphy’s.

That same thick fur seems to shed from him in a constant stream of course hair that ends up everywhere and in everything. You can comb him out completely and in an hour you could do it again and get just as high a stack next to you.

And there will still be hair throughout your house.

Alaskan Malamutes:  Energizer Bunny of the Canine World

Murphy has a lot of energy. He takes off running and good luck catching him. Just ask his human, Nate. Murphy just loves finding an open door and breaking out of prison.

Murphy 2
Our energizer “bunny”

Murphy loves his humans, Nate and the three kids, ferociously. Even Ron, who is Grandpa, gets close scrutiny when he is rough housing with the children.

Dig It

Murphy is curious about everything, and he loves to dig.

He can be a one dog wrecking crew, or he can be the most gentle dog you ever encountered.Murphy

Last summer, after arriving from Germany, he was personally responsible for the destruction of the BBQ patio and the garden pond. He went through two pond pumps by dragging them out of the pond.
He then decided to eat parts of all of the floating plants from the pond before digging up the hot peppers in the garden and dining on the tomatoes.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Beautiful & intelligent!

In other words, Malamutes are big and they are rambunctious and they like to get into mischief when no one is

around. They do not like to be left on their own and will find ways to entertain themselves that you do not want to come home to.

But they are smart and loving and loyal and hard workers. They require a LOT of attention but they will steal your heart that first day. The trouble will all be worth it if you know beforehand what you are getting into and can prepare.

More to come on living with Murphy.

see you soon





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