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Meet the Mutants

HI. Chubbs here again.

Over the past couple of weeks, I introduced you to my step-brother, Murphy the malamute. This week I thought you should meet a couple of characters that joined our family just a couple of years ago. Rusty and Scooter.

I call them the mutants. They look similar to a dog but more stretched out and squashed down like little four-legged caterpillars.

The mutants

I’m not trying to be mean here, I love my little brothers like, well, brothers. But they are funny looking. (Don’t tell that to them, everyone lies to them and tells them how beautiful they are. People are so kind.)
Rusty and Scooter are long-haired, mini-dachshunds.

Hunting Dogs

Interestingly enough, though Murphy joined our family in Germany and was born in Austria, he is an American breed, one of the oldest.

The two mutants, however, are a German breed, the name translating into German as Badger dog.
Yes, the larger version of the dachshund was bred to chase badgers from their burrows, while the smaller version like Rusty and Scooter were used to root out smaller prey such as rabbits and prairie dogs.

They love to burrow

Small Dog Complex

Rusty and Scooter think they are that tough. They are the noisiest little yappers that I have been around…as long as they can hide behind me or our people when an actual threat might present itself, such as a cat or an unexpected noise.

Dachshunds are more common than I had realized. I guess it is like buying a VW Bug. You don’t notice them until you have one and all of a sudden, they are everywhere you look.

Be Prepared

Dachshunds, in my experience, are very high maintenance pets.  They require a lot of attention.

I can fly!!!

They have a strong pack instinct that can be a problem in groups.

Rusty and Scooter are fiercely loyal but are aggressive and sometimes are a menace to smaller pets. Luckily they are smaller than most pets.  They are not great with kids unless the kids are well trained.

As you might guess, living with the mutants is stressful at times so if you are considering adopting one you will want to do some research and be sure that you have the patience.

dachshundsDon’t Get Me Wrong

I love my little brothers but if you want a dog that you can relax with, and not worry too much about, you might want to get a Lab.

Talk to you soon.












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